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Towel Pegs



Shower Shelves

The Essential and Functional Crafted Hardware Shower Shelf


Reimagine shower and bath design with the Crafted Hardware fully floating solid aluminum shower shelf.  Calling on Earth's most abundant metallic element, our shelves are constructed of solid aerospace & marine grade 6061-T6 aluminum responsibly sourced in the USA.  Crafted Hardware shelves are distinct and striking yet begin their existence as an inclusion in bauxite ore, a reddish clay rock.  Extracted as aluminum oxide and refined using a nearly 200 year old process to become an essential and functional piece that will elevate your next shower or bath design.

Black Shower 16" Shelf



Expertly designed modern solid aluminum alloy towel peg.  Crafted Hardware towel pegs are individually designed, machined, and powder coated.  Each piece is identical with its own indistinguishably unique imperfections inherent in raw aluminum.  Crafted is proud to bring products to the marketplace that we have designed, sourced and manufactured exclusively in the United States.  Our Towel Pegs are multifunctional and can by used anywhere in your design and are available in signature hex & square design in our five up-to-the-minute powder coat colors. Crafted Towel Pegs provide a stylish and durable place to hang a towel, robe or your fabulous outfit for the day. 

Black Towel Peg Square
Black Hex Towel Peg.jpg



Clients over the last 14 years have requested a functional yet stylish place to elevate the leg and rest the foot for a comfortable shave in the shower.  In design and production for four years, we are pleased to offer the Crafted Hardware Shower Footrest.  Protruding shower benches waste coveted space. Something fresh and new as an alternative to a recessed niche.  The Crafted Hardware Footrest is sleek and beautifies any shower design.  Paired with the full line of Crafted Hardware Shelves & Towel'll have the ultimate shower to present to clients or purchase and have professionally installed to enjoy and impress guests.  

Silver Footrest Installed with Large Format Tile
Photo of Woman Shaving on Footrest
Silver Marine Grade Aluminum Alloy Footrest
Black Footrest in White Shower With Linear Drain